IMG_3472-01Here is my “rusty” Charge Plug commuter, trainer and Sunday best pictured with Schwalbe G-One Speed 650x38mm tyres and Gilles Berthoud stainless steel mudguards.

Other photos show it in a 700C summer configuration. With clearance for 700×40 and 27.5×2.00 tyres this bike can be whatever I want it to be depending on the setup in a true new school n-1 spirit.

As with all projects the bike is constantly changing and evolving in a never ending search for aesthetical and functional perfection. By the way, my new 55mm deep and 30mm wide carbon Light Bicycle rim is on its way… πŸ˜‰


That’s what happens when you get bored with black. What you see in here is genuine rust thanks to the metal particles suspended in the paint ( The frame was bead blasted and then a single coat was applied with a brush and sponge, sanded down and exposed to a concentrated salt solution to speed up corrosion.




SRAMergo (or SRAMpagnolo?) 46 x 11-28 setup. Campag Veloce 10 sp shifters working perfectly with SRAM Rival rear mech, cheap Sunrace cassette and KMC chain.



Paul Components Klamper brakes are purchased by many people as expensive bling but to me they they make an excellent long term investment. Their performance is comparable with hydraulic systems at least at the front and calipers can be fully stripped down and rebuilt.







7 thoughts on “Rusty Charge Plug 650b commuter

    1. Bartthebikeman Post author

      Hi. Cheers for that. I can’t find the original file but I’ve posted a new photo. If the file isn’t large enough, have a look at my post on Pedalroom.

    1. Bartthebikeman Post author

      Cheers. I appreciate the interest. I’ve just updated (finally) the post. The rear mech is a SRAM Rival. 10/11 sp. SRAM road mechs are known to work with 10sp. Campy levers and std Shimano/SRAM spaced cassettes.

      1. The_bordman

        Interesting! I have tried the srampagnolo set up myself on a caad 4 build. I tried the campy 10 speed record ergo levers with a sram X9 10 speed RD (with and without a jtek shiftmate) β€” but I could never get it shifting right.

        I love this retro modern look though, it’s a very interesting way to spice up this charge frame. An n – 1 with campy levers. I think my future lies in an 11 speed group with a wolf tooth road link for a build like this though. I was very inspired by your 1×10 neo retro build, I’m very inspired by this as well!

        1. Bartthebikeman Post author

          The margin of error with SRAMpagnolo is probably smaller than that of a perfectly compatible setup. I believe that slightly misaligned hanger, sealed ferrules (additional friction), cables routed under tape, some wear in a shifter ratchet etc can easily throw the system out of perfect adjustment.
          I also used Shiftmate converter with Shimano mechs before but eventhough it shifted perfecly, I found that the gear wires had a habbit of fraying/snapping around the roller within 3 months of commuting.
          Thanks again for the kind words and have fun with your projects:-)

  1. O_ Carltop

    Wow. Just discovered this unique work of usable art. But what really caught me was the SRAMpagnolo. I have Rival 10 setup already. I’d just have to get the Campy shifters and be rid of the silly DoubleTap πŸ˜‰


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