Just a quick post showing a Schwalbe One 28mm tubeless tyre mounted on a Superstar Tactic AM 28mm wide 29er rim. The tyre stretches to 32mm at 80PSI and still measures 31.5mm at lower pressures… Lovely😁
Watch this space, more to come…

I have used Schwalbe Kojaks on my 26″ “road” bikes for quite a while now and they are great all-round tyres but their rather basic stiff casing limits their performance both in terms of speed and comfort. It’s the same story with almost all high volume 26″ slicks. So I’ve decided to get some top end MTB tyres and shave them!IMG_3659

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IMG_3687The first thing you discover when you get your Airzound horn is that the original bracket won’t fit your 31.8mm or wing type drop bars. Here is how you deal with it: Read the rest of this entry »

No you can’t!50-7905-NCL-TOP

I am pretty certain that your mum and everyone on bike forums have already told you that standard road tyres should not be run tubeless as their beads are not strong enough to stay on the rim.
If you’re thinking about running narrow tyres at 100PSI you’ll really need dedicated tubeless road clinchers with adequately strong bead. You may be lucky with certain setups but it’ll be a Russian roulette on two wheels.

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Which is faster? A 2.00″ wide mountain bike tyre with shaven tread at 20,30PSI or a 28mm (31-32mm) road tyre at 60,80PSI?


Racing Ralph shaven


Continental Grand Prix MTB 26×1.20

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These are couple of bikes that I’ve built from scratch as all-year/all-weather/all-sh*t UK roads training/commuting bikes.

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