What do you do when the rim you like isn’t available in hookless version and you would like to free up some extra internal width that the existing bead hooks occupy?… You get the rim anyway and butcher it! Hooks are overrated anyway and even pirates don’t use them these days. Read the rest of this entry »

Schwalbe Pro One 28mm

Schwalbe Pro One 28mm

I decided to get a second set of (summer) wheels for my commuter/allrounder.
The idea was to run high end 28mm tubeless tyres on extra wide rims to maximise the volume and allow running sensiblly low pressure.
A lengthy search revealed that the widest road clinchers go only up to 21-22mm (inner width) unless you splash out on something like Enve 4.5… or Bontrager ATR. Wide enough for 25mm tyres but 28mm requires ideally something wider…

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IMG_3472-01Here is my “rusty” Charge Plug commuter, trainer and Sunday best pictured with Schwalbe G-One Speed 650x38mm tyres and Gilles Berthoud stainless steel mudguards.

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New neo retro “Sunday” best 1×10 road bike


Huissoon Columbus SLX neo retro 1×10 road bike

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I have used Schwalbe Kojaks on my 26″ “road” bikes for quite a while now and they are great all-round tyres but their rather basic stiff casing limits their performance both in terms of speed and comfort. It’s the same story with almost all high volume 26″ slicks. So I’ve decided to get some top end MTB tyres and shave them!IMG_3659

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IMG_3687The first thing you discover when you get your Airzound horn is that the original bracket won’t fit your 31.8mm or wing type drop bars. Here is how you deal with it: Read the rest of this entry »

These are couple of bikes that I’ve built from scratch as all-year/all-weather/all-sh*t UK roads training/commuting bikes.

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Home made replica of a Paul thumb shifter bracket. It was machined out of a 7075 T6 aluminium billet on a small X2 mill with DRO’s, rotary table and boring head. Time to get a CNC machine…